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All-Round Mid Laner

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After waking from a car accident, professional esports player Ye Shaoyang found himself transmigrated into a mystifying A/B/O world where he was living as a noobish streamer.

In order to support himself in this new life, Ye Shaoyang decided to return to his old job and climb the ranks in the esports world. With his outstanding talent, he quickly secured a contract with a prestigious club.

But on his very first day with his new team, he unexpectedly presented as an omega right in front of the teams captain Chi Shuo.

Chi Shuo took his new teammate to the hospital for an examination. Afterwards, the boy looked up at him with a sheen of moisture in his eyes. The corners of his eyes were red, and his voice was hoarse as he rasped, Captain, the doctor says Im allergic to suppressants. Can you help me?

Ye Shaoyang simply turned his back to Chi Shuo. Just give me a temporary mark. Bite me here, thanks.

Chi Shuos expression gradually crumbled.

What was with this omega?! Was a mark something you could hand out so freely?!

[I heard Team Tianhuans new teammate is an omega!] [Is he going to play support? Everyone, please be sure to take care of your sweet, delicate, adorable new omega support!] That was the buzz, right up until Ye Shaoyang demonstrated his explosive prowess by single-handedly taking five kills in a competitive match.

[Sweet? Delicate? This is a demon lord, isnt it?] [He killed me enough to break my brain. I want to uninstall the game!] [Even if we lose the battle, Ye Shaoyang must die!] [Target that omega! Show no mercy!] Its time to get to know an omega with flashy and extraordinary skills.

Who says an omega has to be sweet, delicate, and adorable? This omega has the power to blow up the whole league.

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E-sports is certainly not my favorite genre BUT this is so engrossing! I couldnt stop reading it even though its so freaking long! In general, its a feel-good story, no stress, just smooth sailing to the pinnacle of success; both in love and in career. Just the sort of story needed to power you through a down in the dumps kind of day. So many times, I couldnt stop grinning while reading it. ❤️

For an Esport novel this one was of the better ones. I love the details and strategies. It is easy to understand and very engaging. You dont find the writer trying to pull something out of the thin air by trying making things up. I enjoy the Esport circle here very realistic. I can see the writer put in alot of efforts.

Yangyang is one of the better characters in Esport novels. You can see his confidence, very smart,


warm, bubbly. Repaid petty with brutal kindness hehe. You fall in love with him instantly. His mind is very admirable. I emotionally very invested in him as a whole when I read the novel. Such a attractive character.

Chi Shuo I can say hes very understanding and kind. Very caring and strong. I find him okay, but I am more invested in YangYang, I find Chi Shuo more like your standard ML that he has no fault but also he doesnt give you any particular special feeling either.

The romance for me is what you can say acceptable. I felt like Yangyang only has Chi Shuo to depend on and his has no choice in the matter. Like you know hes force to bend? Him being omega and also only has Chi Shou by his side really. There were no other options. But you know accept this and be happy? Not like you can find faults with Chi Shuo, just the whole thing was situational, led by YangYangs ABO knowledge confusion mixed in. He cant hurt but accept Chi Shuo. I felt fine without the romance anyway. Or rather hope Yangyang took time to confirm his feelings first to confess before being put in that situation.

For those who are on the fence on starting this novel Ill definitely say to give it a go. The author has got a good track record of completing the serialisation of her novels and the translator is also consistent, of high-quality and completes the translation

The alphaChiShuo(ML) isnt overbearing and in fact, he seems more like those cute blushing ML. I love how he would unintentionally pamperShaoyang(MC) on multiple occasions like sending a huge red packet (hello sugar daddy)but realised that he didnt treat his teammates the same so he ended up sending them one too. And how his thoughts would quickly spiral and end up planning for their future as a couple together.

The AO relationship seems healthy and consensual for now. One line that really touched me was:

Chi Shuo finally understood that his attraction for Shaoyang had nothing to do with whether Shaoyang was an omega or their mark. It was becauseShaoyang was the one who understood him the most in this world. He was an irreplaceable existence.

As the author has mentioned, the esports plot would take up the bulk of the novel and the development of the relationship should be more towards the end of the novel.

ABO world does have some stereotypes but it isnt discriminatory per se. For example, an opponent had underestimated Shaoyang because he was pretending to play passively as a newcomer. So the opponent thought that it was because omegas were more passive and docile by nature. But there is no discrimination with omegas being banned from the competition etc. The author also writes about how theres a committee to ensure that the omegas rights are respected in the dorms. In my personal opinion, since the summary does allude to it, I feel like its actually an aspect of the face-slapping plot so I hope people wont unfairly downvote the novel for it.

If anyone is worried about the ABO dynamic, the same author wrote Accidental Mark if thats any reference for you.

Its realistic and holds true to the esports tag. There are no messy relationships going on while they are having their esports career. The esports segment is also easy to understand since the author created a fictional game and all gamers and non-gamers have no knowledge of the game so Im guessing that the author wrote the esports portion more clearly.

I do like how the team configurations were an actual factor in this novel. His rationale for selecting Tianhuan as his team was clear and rational. There wasnt a convenient empty spot for Shaoyang to take up and Shaoyangs age was actually a factor that was mentioned and sustained. As a 21-year-old newcomer without any known professional training, it was reasonable that many teams wouldnt trust that him enough to make him a starting player nor would they give him a high signing price since he was frankly, old and his performance uncertain. I liked how the author talked about this and explored it well.[collapse]

A common trope in many esports novels is winning glory for their country and sometimes the nationalism aspect can become xenophobic. While this novel does touch briefly about how China has not won the championship in many years and longs for the trophy cup, it is written reasonably. There might be some parts about glory for the Chinese nation but it doesnt really affect the plot thus far and I am okay with it. There is certainly stereotyping of certain ethnicities like the Japanese players using a ninja charactersighsand perhaps some on Korean tactics in MOBA games but its not malicious. Overall, theres a healthy blend of other ethnicities talked about in a non-xenophobic light as well.

please support the author on JJWXC. To read the Mtl equivalent version, copy and paste the Chinese novel name on Safari and there should be a AA on the left top side of your phone browser where the website link is. Click on translate to English and you should be able to see it

I am not sure what happened with the translators website and the dead links but so far the translation was very consistent and of high quality.

What I like about this novel is that it isnt your typical omegaverse novel with high sexual activities. Its the opposite of that and stresses much more on the team friendships and wins mixed with lots of adoration for the strong omega who behaves more like a team captain than his future lover does :)) I like smut but somehow it never deeply satisfies me


such as wholesome stories as this one.

As someone who played MOBA for fun for 5-6 years, I really like way the author explained the game. Like most MOBA, theres the minions, the towers, the heroes, the buffs and some functions.

Kills not only give you gold and EXP but also take an opponent out of the game for a while making them unable to gain any gold through last hitting and unable to get EXP from minions dying.

I like the MC, he got solid foundation to be honest. The first thing he did after observing everything was be calm and basically try the heroes against AI. God, how I love him. I havent met anyone whod use a new hero against AI because they think battling AIs are a waste of time. I can understand his teammates when he used Abysse Lord because Id be the same if I was playing rank but someone used a new hero which only came out in 2 days. Losing a star in rank could really flip a person out.

First off, this story is an excellent, slow-paced romance that just keeps giving. This was literally a gateway into reading e-sports novels for me. The relationship between the MC and ML is also very sweet.

Currently, the translator for this series has retired. Due to the publisher of the series starting an intl site, the chapters are no longer around. Ive started mtling the series, which is comprehendable thanks to the foundation built by the previous translator.

First and foremost, the translations are excellent. Thank you, 78zaoTL for you effort. I read your chapters every morning. The more the story advances, the more hilarious it gets. Im even stalking jjwxc daily for updates... without understanding Chinese.

Yes, it might be slowburn, but the story certainly does not lack scenes of the MC & ML interacting with each other. They are not only teammates, but also roommates, so they spend a LOT of time together. Even if Im a big fan of couple development (meaning I prefer couples to form early in the story and then face all the challenges together with a lot of PDA thrown in), this kind of slowburn does not irritate me. The MC is seriously impressed by the ML and respects him a great deal, while the ML is super attentive and dotes on the MC from the very start. And, well, they engage in PDA waaaay before they themselves realize what exactly they are doing and why.

Indeed, if you are a gamer, you might find inconsistencies in the gameplay. But hey, I find it actually pretty charming - it gives the author more freedom to play around with the heroes and flex their imagination, and its super fun to read.

When it comes to the CP being OP, I have to admit; I tend to watch sport animes (Baby Steps, Kuroko no Basuke or Haikyuu to name a few) so strict sports realism in terms of skills and whats actually humanly achievable is not what I had expected anyway. The MC Ye Shaoyang is really inexperienced in everything else besides esports, so he really isnt a Marty Stu... Plus this is an a/b/o world. He is totally out of his depth there. ROFL


there are certain events - my own novel highlights - Ive been waiting for.

Their Sunshine-Moonlight comp training was one. In my book, the way they do it counts as PDA.

The games of the season. Yang-Yangs pentakill in the opening game. How he syncs with Chi Shuo so much that the CP fan group shipping them is fed dog food left and right.

And between chapters 121-125, Shaoyang finally grasps that omegas glands are s*xual organs. The second hand embarassment almost killed me. And yet, not long after, Yang-Yang still does not shy away from clasping Chi Shuo in a tight embrace when a game goes particularly well, setting himself up for a night of very private dreams about a certain captain of his - while still trying to cling to his self-image of a cough- straight male -cough, completely disregarding the fact that he is residing in a body that could literally give birth to his captains babies :D:D

strong-willed, and quite charismatic. If youre wanting to read a novel with a strong Omega that aint getting bullsh*t with their white lotus weakly attitude that all they only do, then this novel is a good recommendation.

Really enjoying this novel, and all the works that the translators worked on, and Im pretty bummed about having the site go down. Im hoping whatever is going on resolves quickly - Im suffering from withdrawals, and its only been a few hours!

It lacks believability. Both gameplay and plot-wise. You cant expect the novel to be realistic, but at the very least, it must be believable. And in all honesty, it lacks the believability to me. The gameplay cant convince me that the MC is able to beat a few of the worlds top gamers the first year after his debut game. Logically and realistically, yeah, it couldve happened. But Im really disappointed that the MCs OPness is so unbelievable. Theres no development. Hes OP right...more>

from the start. My dude just isekaid and automatically everything is right for him. Hes a Gary Stu, no objections allowed. Yeah sure, his hero pool has increased, but what about his other parts of his gameplay? In terms of his knowledge of the game, his technique, his strategies, his chemistry with the ML, his personality, theres been no in depth development of him, and it makes the plot and gaming lack the believability to me.

Its not bad, but not the best Ive seen. Its a bit lacking in detail, but overall an OK read that you probably wont cringe a lot at. The author accepts good advice too (for example changing the scoring system), so at the very least if there are major problems in the gaming that the viewers in China are able to find and point out, the author will happily correct it as long as it makes sense. So far there arent places where Id go The gaming completely doesnt make sense. (Note: completely. There are parts where gameplay is confusing or just s*upid.)

It lacks variation, which is my biggest problem. Its hard to describe, but its like the author changes things up here and there, but the result is always easy to guess. Although the game details changes, the process and result is always the same (Even the score change is often the same. First round won by MC, second round won by opponents, and the last game goes to MC in a bo3).

Honestly not too terrible, they know how to act appropriately in different situations, ML doesnt push himself onto the MC, its not the worse Ive seen, and its mostly enjoyable. (After Ch176:)Spoiler

what the heck was that? The confession was honestly really freaking weird to me. Its parts like these that have the more ABO parts show and it just seems really awkward to me. Was it terrible? No. But did it seem unnatural? Hell yeah. How the MC and ML acted after the confession felt more natural to me. I guess it might not seem weird to a lot of people, but I feel like its a weird way to push forward the romance, considering how the MCs has been acting this whole time. But yeah, I guess it could just be me.

It follows the standard MC gets strong with team and win storyline with some minor changes that doesnt deviate from the whole template too much, but also doesnt make the story too boring. Nothing too special. Some plot holes are there, but not too large so ignoring it will probably do the trick.

Conclusion: Not one of the best gaming novel nor romance novel Ive seen, but its not a terrible read. Am I being too critical here? I dont know, but its my honest opinion. Check out the novel if you want to. Goodbye and have a nice day,

This was literally the reason I made this account, and you can imagine how shocked I was when I went to the website and BAM!!! Its not working. I never thought Id be able to read through an esports battle in its entirety and enjoy it. I hope it gets back up.

To be honest I am not very knowledgeable with e-sports. But I find this e-sport novel (if it can be categorized as such:-)) particularly soul grabbing. I was really hooked with just the first chapter and it all spiraled down to this. I dont have a talent in writing any feedbacks too. I just feel the need that, if I dont give one, my experience in reading this one will never be complete. To the one reading this (if you are that patient like me who reads feedbacks too) its


a must read. There is a plot (refreshing). I cant just explain it thoroughly like the others, but I really enjoyed following this one. Jumping in this pit is very worthwhile and you might cry (I know Im crying because I can no longer access the chapters, it also requires some password and I dont know the password). Nevertheless, to the translator, you definitely did a very good job in translating this one. I am trying to jump pit on your other works (hopes its just as satisfying). Tell the author my regards. Thank you!!!

Thank you for translating this 🥰 and for keeping up with the raw. Also Im enjoying the story cant wait for the time when he finally join a team 😹.

Just finish reading the latest raw chapter and heck 😹 author just left me hanging there with the most awaited part 😅. Cant wait for tomorrow to come.

MCs differentiation is finally happening just after his bath and needed to go to the hospital, and MLs reaction is epic since he taught MC is an A 😹.

Honestly made a whole account because of this novel. I had the pleasure of reading through it before it abruptly crashed and can say with complete confidence that this is my favourite (and Ive read hundreds).

The updates were daily and reliable, each update made me look forward to the following day. It did focus more on the gaming aspect but still contained enough romance to be satisfying, especially how emotionally confused the ML became due to the MCs lack of knowledge and awareness of his world.


the MCs confidence and strength throughout the story and his ability to overturn situations. I was never a fan of weak and dependent main characters so the MC was perfect. Of course, having Xiao Bai (cat) made it all sweeter. The MC knew his worth and calculated his best results which completely paid off in the end. His arrogance is backed by his unmatchable skills but he remains calm and never lets it get to his head.

The ML is kind and caring, not the overbearing type. Made to suffer through years due to his difficulties after his blinding debut, he knew what to look for and just aimed to bring Tianhuan back at the top. I loved how he put full trust in the MC and recognised how valuable his skills were, not willing to provide payment less than its worth. He also didnt react negatively to MCs ignorance of the basic knowledge of the world (which would otherwise be taken advantage of or looked down upon by others) and even helped him out in a gentlemanly manner. Its a slow burn romance but isnt at all frustrating.

Finally, the main premise focuses on esports and while Im not too big on gaming, it made me actually start to try playing or look at other novels of the same genre. However, the others werent comparable. The way each game was described were perfect; I was able to picture the moments and plays. Even the embedded humour only added more personality to the writing. I love how more relationships grew just from the games and the MC who once once alone when forced into this world, now grew to become a widespread phenomena with reliable teammates by his side. I was looking forward to how the story continued to progress and even tried to create future scenarios in my head. It honestly broke my heart when I could no longer go forward with the Next button but kept a tab open solely for this novel to monitor its status. Its a big shame after I discovered the troubles and is now temporarily discontinued, however I plan on waiting so I hope they do eventually continue this novel and I can go back to anticipating the daily updates again.

Love MCs e-sports oriented personality, just focuses on slapping faces in game and is indifferent to most real matters that would be more important for the people born in that time.

Its unfortunate that the previous translations are taken down, but you can still mtl. You can guess the game lingos through context and the actions/movement of the players are quite clear imo. Its much bearable than other action story.

I can see why many people praises this novel at earlier chapters and have some complaints at around 150+ or maybe earlier than that. I want to give my opinions about this.

Yes this is that kind of story. The competition will usually go for a few days or a month without meaningful break. Its competition after competion, and you can easily skip it and still follow the romance progression outside of it. But the romance are very minisclue that perhaps youll only get 20 chapters (compare it to 180ch) if you skip all the games (this is only an exaggeration).

Fortunately the games are not entirely boring.

At earlier chapters, the competitions are quite meaningful and dramatic because people just get to know MC (Ye Shaoyang/nicknamed Yangyang). Like, who is this newbie omega player?? What can he do?? And it was quite fun to see how shocked or pressured their opponents were because the author wrote it in comedic way.

However after that, it became a bit duller. There are no more surprises, the pattern of the fans, audiences, and opponents became fixed/predictable. Perhaps the author also realized this and at one point just skipped all comments and finish a game without any outside interruption, as if the world was only inside the game.

The pace of some games became much faster which for me is a positive thing. (Author is really good at story pacing)

For people who like moba games or teamwork action in general, I think this type of novel is pretty enjoyable. Ive never skip a battle and I enjoyed all action and rounds. I do take breaks, when I need romance/drama Ill read other stuff.

The author was very comprehensive when creating the heroes and their skill. Im very impressed A LOT by how much imagination and works the author has been working for this fictional moba games.

For the games alone, Ill set aside all my tastes and give this novel five stars.

Of course its not 100% beliavable because its fiction.

For example, the author made several couple heroes (two heroes who complement each other as in name, design or skill) so we can pair up MC & ML. This is creative works so I dont think its important whether this set up is beliavable or not. Its cute. Its harmless shipping tool. Why not?

For people who dont like moba games or teamwork action, earlier games are still quite fun to read. But itll be hard to continue without ever skipping a game or taking a break. Its your choice.

When the romance is due, its quite cute, beliavable, and Yangyangs realization about the meaning of Alpha-Omegas marking is so damn hilarious!! I couldnt stop rolling in my bed and smiling/gigling by my self.

A game has 3 or 5 rounds. They dont always win a round, but yes, up until ch 180 they have never lost a game (maybe Im wrong but if they ever lose, its very forgettable, meaning it doesnt affect their overall outcome at all).

This is logical if the author wants to make them win the world competition in MCs first debut (which I guess is) because the system of the tournament wont allow a team to lose too much.

If they lose one or two games, then they have to make up for it with another game and itll make the story much longer. So I bear with it.

I also think its beliavable for a power house to suddenly emerge in a tournament and bulldoze their way to the top, although its very rare.

Unfortunately, yes the MC and ML felt OP because MC and Tianhuans (their team) coach team could always come up with new team arrangement that have never been used before, catching their opponent off guard. The problem is, their opponents never do the same. They always use old arrangements which everyone already know.

Well in reality its hard to come up with new arrangement. But Yangyang (MC) is from another world so his view isnt stuck in what already existed. Its also completemented by his personality that like to challange the impossible.

I think the author wants to highlight his strength and also make the story more interesting than just winning though skill alone which is even more impossible and will look more op.

Fortunately, some opponents old strategy are not easy to win, so its still provide a bit challange and the battle arent dull. Although you know theyll win, you still want to know how (at least for me)

Despite that, yes, the author still should let other team to come up with new team model/arrangements so Tianhuan will look less OP. Maybe they will in the future game.

Beside that, imo Ye Shaoyang (MC) is far from having golden finger. Hes already a genius and experienced world-class gamer in his previous life after all. And in his current life he did practice a lot, no less or even more than other players. His teammates also worked hard. So, they still made me want to genuinely support them.

If you talk about golden finger, maybe you mean the tacit understanding between Yangyang and Chi Shuo/Cap Chi (ML), but if you pay attention to the game environment, as long as you play a lot with your team and have similar level of ability, I think its achievable.

The author also mentioned other pair from other team also has good tacit understanding. Anyway its not just MC and ML, but the author just dont mention others. Theirs are mentioned a lot to create a pairing/romantic atmosphere. After all its dull if its not mentioned.

If you still cant believe it, take it as their special ability of having 100% matching pheromone so their thoughts are syncronized. After all that 100% is not mentioned as much compared to other ABO with similar trait and I also want it to mean something.

Lastly if you compare it to Fanservice Paradox, their tacit understanding is not cringey at all and has more reasonable explanation. *please dont hit me*

I only find Yangyangs sentence in his answer is unnatural but most likely its because mtl.

I think Yangyangs thought, why he accepted CSs confession, is in line with his personality which is true to his heart (also honest, straightforward, isnt afraid of challange/something new). So he quickly realized his feeling and accepted it on spot which is reasonable.

In fact, he already think of it a lot before he was confessed and I sense a change in his heart at some point.

What a bit strange is, I thought he already realized his feeling before the confession, but somehow he havent and rerealized it when he was confessed. Maybe Im wrong. Anyway its small stuff.

Beside that, I cant comment about other stuff.

They dont have much screen time or highlight during earlier chapters and when they appear, their personality are kinda dull.

But this story is not focused on each of the team personality/problem like in Toxic Assembly Camp, nor it has side pairing like in I Can Do It.

This story is more realistic in people. They still serve their role and purpose. Im quite okay with that.

And it doesnt mean they wont have characters development. Not only Yangyangs teammate, but other players from other team also has development both in character and game skill.

There is a quite moving story from a player from another team whom Yangyang made a friend of.

However Yangyang is not a gary stu! Although he does bring a lot of impact to people around him.

The author is just very skillfull to make her main character shine in every possible way.

This is not a smutty ABO worlds. Idk whether there will be smut in the future. But probably not in jjwx.

The ABO world in this novel looks quite clean and friendly.

The government managed the gender differences quite cleanly and organized, with respect. In most public and entertainment area, people are reminded about their hormone to prevent accident. And in earlier chapter Yangyang was asked about whether he was treated well as the sole omega in the dorm.

You are free to think whether this is restricting or not, but the author write it in good light.

I think this setting is quite in line with modern technology and mindset which is to prevent accident and creating safe environment for everyone regardless gender. But this ABO world still has some traditional aspects which create a bit of contradiction.

One example, there is a mindset that omega should be delicate as represented by Yangyangs younger cousin quite h