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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.

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MC almost always let female enemies go for no reason. And would kill male no bodies for no reason what so ever. Aside from one female lead all members of his harem started out as enemies. The female leads tried to kill him at every interaction. I especially hate the cross dressing crazy bit*h Xue Yue. I was hoping the writer will get rid of her at some point but low and behold, he decided to make her the latest harem member. For this point alone, f*ck the author and


I will continue to curse him and his 7 past and future generations everyday for the rest of my life.

Another bad point is that MC would start some conflict with random people when he can just release his aura and inform the other party that his cultivation is at a level where he is the strongest person on that realm. But no he would rather initiate misunderstandings, get innocent bystanders involved, then would just stand on the side until the helping bystanders half family is killed and they are on verge of committing suicide. At the last minute he would step in and everything is resolved by him releasing his aura and showing off his cultivation level. But the question is what is the point of stepping in now anyway ?

This crap novel is very very over rated. I kept reading hoping for it to get better. With 3000 plus chapters out you would assume there must be atleast some redeeming quality in this novel somewhere but 1950 chapters in and I could not find even one. I cannot deal with this nonsense any more and I am dropping this.

Unique characters, not many arrogant pricks and atleast the FL are not the same rubbishes even if they are tr*sh they are different tr*shes love the little stories and for aquiring resources the ways to find are repetative but long unending novels does have these problems like the emperor tomb something and many other tombs it was my first novel so I didnt wanted to stop reading and went on mtl but it just made my english broken. It was great and all but I just skipped until he reached


9 rank and I dropped it just like my first love and I thought if I love something then just let it be like that freeze it up and store it in the back and not continue because I know that it was gonna be bollocks in the future anyway so just end it

This is one of the worst novel I read.

Many people have given this novel a 5 out of 5 or a rating of 4. None of which is deserved. Let me explain it to you.

The novel starts of bad. MC obtain a book, which gives him cultivation skills, pill refining skills, and treasures, for every stage he breakthrough.

He obtains the inheritance of demon god, which was supposed to be the strongest person. As the story progress and MC powers up a lot the story starts falling all over the place.

His family head tournament is the one of the worst arc I ever had a displeasure of reading. Even if you skip the chapters in bulk, you wont miss anything.

So, after this arc, he goes to higher realm, cause his love interest went to higher realm accidentally, and now he needs to save her. What a bullshit.

Going higher realms, he found out that there are more realms, which is normal for a chinese novel. After he levels up and becomes strongest in this realm, he finds out his love interest went to higher realm, ACCIDENTALLY.

So he has to go to higher realm to save her. What a load of crap.

In the higher realm, there are stronger people, so the MC becomes strong too. People spent over 1000 years reaching a single realm, but MC did it in couple years. Ok, I get it MC is a super genius, but all the girls reached the realm too without any hardship and because of plot armor. You gotta be kidding me!!

And after that the story becomes worse. In the next THOUSAND CHAPTERS the MC breaks only THREE SMALL REALM. Yep thats right three small realms. It took him one thousand chapters to breakthrough THREE TIMES.

I can understand taking a thousand years or ten thousand years for breakthrough, but he takes a thousand chapters which makes absolutely no sense at all. The author is just milking money writing anything he want. The world building fell apart, the story fell apart and all nonsense crap was introduced to us. More unnecessary arc was introduced and the older characters are forgotten.

Heed my warning, and dont read this piece of crap. It is good till chapter 250 but falls apart after it. If you are not a fan of slow cultivation where the MC stays at the same level for 400 chapters, and filler arcs, this novel is not for you. I would prefer Martial god asura over this shit.

Interesting novel MC is really weak in the beginning, but with effort and the help of his trusty pillow, he becomes stronger. His character reminded me of Meng Hao with his attitude and perseverance. Overall, hes a nice guy. Its a good novel, and I recommend it.

EDIT. Not as good as it was in the beginning. I cant believe I even rated this higher than a 1 years ago (5!). Decent novel for younger readers that are just starting out. Experienced light novel readers can find much better stories than this one.

One more point I love in these novels, especially this one is the decisive character of the MC (unlike most jap novels XD). Ruthless enough for my liking. Good parts of humour, funny characters and romance.

Other than this, the usual female lead and power pursuing MC. Arrogant young lords/seniors/villains. MC overcoming everyone step by step, till he reaches the peak. Definitely, for someone who likes these types of genre, this one is a golden read!!!

In case someone feels that the first 300 chapters is just brute action and some romance, youll get some cunning and witty fights in the next 2-300 chapters. And yeah there is a sexual cultivation technique XD

I actually wanted to write a review just so that people just dont see a few of those low ratings by those who actually dont like this genre. And make the mistake of running from a pretty good binge..

It seems high level xianxia novel. For now not much is revealed about cultivation world (only MCs sect and other nearby sects), but I think it will be interesting. MC is hardworking, calm and quit smart. He reminds me of Meng Hao from ISSTH.

People should not review about an arc without having finished it. The island arc of the early chapters is proof of it. The MC doesnt care? He f*cking destroys that sect, how is that not caring? The MC is not a reckless idiot, he plans always before acting unless he has the assurance not to care. Also the little girl parents were already dead, why would he bring attention to himself asking about them? Better to plan the sects destruction, better to think on the thousands he would be saving that on the dozens he cant.

The only negative Ive on this novel is that no matter what the MCs side always ends up without tragedy. They may get lost, kidnapped, imprisoned, injured.. But always ends up well. I would not mind it if someone close to the MC died from time to time.

This story...Id give a 4.6 and will leave it at a 5 for now. I have a few issues for one. I originally picked up this story months ago and even though I hated the TL style I spent 3 days trying to pry my eyes from it by distracting myself but even then the uniqueness of the story kept drawing me back. After successfully dropping it I recently picked it back up and started back from chapter 37 to present release.

The TL style seems to have vastly improved since


I last read it as the quality is many folds better. The story is still as good as before but I must have picked the worst place to stop reading. After picking it back up I couldnt put it down. I wont be posting any spoilers so youll just have to wait and see.

The story has ok plotting but a major problem for me is although the main quality that separates the MC from the mold is brought out in full display, the author doesnt do a good job of stating why he is like this or his reasons for searching for power in the first place. I can only hope at this point that it will be expounded upon in future releases.

The MCs growth although fast doesnt actually seem overpowerd even though it really really is. There are constantly people above him and they are introduced at such a steady pace that you just feel that the MC (slight spoiler: who is a social outcast) is being brought out into the world and his horizons are being lifted.

The romance in this is very satisfying there are multiple love interest that have actual valid reasons for their infatuation with the MC but be warned the MC is slightly oblivious, although it really doesnt interfere with the quality.

Other than the lack of information on the MCs background Id have to say that the only other problem I have with this Story is that 90% of the MCs problems originate from dealings with women... seriously its either jealousy or dangerous situations with women being the center of each cause. Its not a bad thing as only after you realize thats the reason, then thats when one would feel a slight annoyance.

This series piqued my interest, the first few chapters were good and have no complains regarding anything and looking forward for this novel.I would recommend this novel to others who likes this genre not that this type of novel is any new. After this novel progress there are bound to be some changes in this review, ill edit it at that time.

Gave it a 5 star rating for now, first 14 chapters are good for starting chapters, for now would recommend to others. If later on this changes Ill edit or re-review this novel.

Im really enjoying this story. The characters are consistent, Yang Kai is pretty likeable, the women are good and numerous. His bloodthirsty attitude in combat makes him stand out from other protagonists, and its entertaining. He doesnt get an absurd quantity of skills and items, which makes the things he does have more consistent and meaningful (some protags get so much crap that it makes me not really care about their abilities anymore).

But I have one major complaint that solidly knocks it down from a potential 5-star to a 4-star,


tops. Other than one woman, he adamantly refuses to lay his hands on other women. He hasnt explicitly stated anything about being a monogamist but despite frequent opportunities, he just wont properly get with other girls. It wouldnt be as much of a problem except the only girl hes properly gotten has REPEATEDLY told him that he needs to get with more girls in addition to her and yet he wont do anything! Additionally, there are quite a few beautiful girls that keep showing up and almost throw themselves at him, but he just wont do anything. As a result, some girls have basically been thrown to the wayside for literal years (in the story) and can barely even be considered to exist anymore. Its so frustrating because the author has completely set him up to just have a proper harem by now, but then he writes Yang Kai in such a way that he just wont follow through! Its so obnoxious because it feels like the author is dangling it in front of our faces but he just wont give us the damn treat!

Since the last time I posted this review, there is now a second woman hes actually slept with, but their relationship was extremely abrupt. Its something but not enough for me.

DONT BE FOOLED by the Sexual Cultivation Technique tag! While its indeed accurate, its misleading. He actually uses the technique to AVOID s*x more than he does to have it! Its utterly ridiculous and frustrating.

If this PROPERLY resolves itself, making him actually properly get with more women, and the women that have nearly ceased to exist also join the harem, then I could definitely knock this up to a 5-star rating. Until then, its a very significant flaw that drags down an otherwise good story.

EDIT: I should mention, as at least one other reviewer has noted, despite the release schedule actually being pretty fast, its not nearly quick enough if you realistically ever want to finish the story. It would literally take over an ENTIRE DECADE just to get up to date if they consistently released a chapter a day. (I cant really blame the translators, because I think theyre doing a good job, but its worth noting)

So far, Martial Peak has been a good novel. Find me a novel without plot armor, & youd have quit reading at chapter 50, maybe 100. Sure, Martial Peak has cheat items, but he works them well. The previous reviewer that 1 starred this novel and said they didnt explain how MC got good at refining and alchemy, probably read the MTL version, cause MC learning Alchemy by trial and error right now. Good opportunities make for good novels. This happens to be one of them.

This is your nice honorable MC with an interesting way of gaining power unlike the the other wuxia and xian novels, power increasing methods and levels are interesting. The world of the MC is different mysterious compared to the other novels, but their isnt much detail regarding the outside worlds power levels and a hierarchy as its too early.

This went from a necessary 2 to 1 chapter a day to 4 chapters in a month is that foreal, with the amount of cliff hangers and this style of content there


is a market for readers to pour money into this, a new translator is defiantly required with 2800 chapters and ongoing...

this story is so good that will also make you addicted.. Well I cant say yet that this is as good as issth but the character of MC really reminds me of meng hao.

I really liked the story so I started reading MT for the rest of the chapters. I will put out the bad points first

1. Even after 900 chapters MC doesnt take another waifu. Oh he does interact with and make at least 10-15 other women fall in love with him, but he is still stuck with the first 2. It wouldnt have mattered if the author kept them in the story, but he keeps on finding ways to separate them and keeps on introducing other women. It sometimes feels like the MC is avoiding taking responsibility for these other women, and well it kind of annoys me.

2. No overarching plot till now. Although he has gotten to superior universe no.3 (superior universe = better cultivation / richer Qi) there is no sign of a plot. In fact the main goal of MC in universe no.2 and 3 is to find his wifes who have of course separated from him. Hopefully this will change.

1. Even without a main plot, the novel manages to not get repetitive. Each arc in itself is satisfying.

2. MC doesnt become boring. He uses his brain, knows his limitations and is not overly arrogant. Side characters are also interesting, in my opinion, sometimes more so than the MC.

Sure the MC has a lot of luck (plot armour) but it never gets boring. The MC knows how to make the perfect boundaries with regards to his relationships. Other than the initial two girls... no one has been able to move his heart.

This novel is entertaining enough to keep you reading for hundreds of chapters and you wont be bored, however the tale wont leave you a lasting impression either. The characters are likeable especially the different personalities of the harem members, however the s dont have much interaction with each other or know they exist until many chapters later, leaving them mostly blind to the MC lecherous behavior. MC is op as hell that can fight people many


levels ahead of his and has a lot of tricks and power source, leaving him with no sense of danger but trampling his opponents and showing off is always satisfying. There is no huge twist and turns nor original plots, but it is interesting enough so you shouldnt skip this.

I love this story. I recognize dat there re some slow moments, but I think there is a good development of MC, increasing her harem (and not all girls he met have right/possibility to marry him) at same time increase him lvl to protect them.

One of the more entertaining xianxia series Ive come across, and Ive read plenty. The plot is quite typical: down-trodden, weak but persistent MC gets a miraculous item and powers up ridiculously fast, meeting and offending arrogant people on the way as well as worming his way into the hearts of beautiful ladies without meaning to.

To be honest, I pretty much skim descriptive parts where MCs in xianxia stories find the way and go through the powering process. I am more interested in the actual dialogues, interactions


between characters and the overall plot.

There isnt a plot yet to this series, but the interaction of the MC with the various characters that he has encountered thus far is entertaining. Perhaps what made this series differs from others so far is the first antagonist. Also, the MC isnt directly courting for the affections of the women (as yet), just that his direct manner and calm behavior are considered strange to the beautiful women who are used to attracting the attention of perverted characters (again, a usual trope in such series). This is not to say the MC is immune to their charms or dont have lewd thoughts, but he is aware of the dangers and somewhat mindful of propriety. This makes the interactions somewhat interesting and humorous to read.

1. The story, this novel story have good direction and feel more natural because the story have good direction and dont feel forced.

2. The character interaction, the character interaction its good. This novel characters even the side character and villain have good interaction and relation so that makes the novel feel all character not like just to be forgotten.

3. The romance not really bad, sometimes there are adult scene on this novel.

1. The novel have too many luck. I understand that the author want the main character become powerful but its not necessary have too many luck. What I mean luck was because the main character too many depended on extraordinary items (cheat item).

2. The bad skill learning. This point related with the bad side number 1 because too many luck and the dependency on cheat item. The development of the main character skill feel really shallow.

I understand some people just more like conversation and character interaction more but sorry for me skill learning was very important because its make the novel feel that the main character like a normal person.

Not only that because my self have already read so many novel that have many character interaction and conversation because of that reason, I dont feel very out of ordinary about the story and character on this novel.

3. The story somehow inconsistent pace and setting.

Let me explain what I mean by that words, because around chapter 1-500, the main character more focused on fighting and good battle setting. So its fit the category of martial arts but started from chapter 500+ somehow TOO MANY TACTICS AND STRATEGY and almost no good battle. This tactic and strategy feel really forced so it makes the author insert MANY CHEAT ITEM AND LUCK AGAIN.

4. No good flashy unique skill. This novel character all almost depended on cheat item/luck item. Let me tell u what is the cheat item that the main character have until chapter 711:

Cheat item/luck item list until chapter 711 :

6. divine sense recovery item (all color wen shanliao... if the name not wrong)

8. rank item (example: saint grade rare treasure, mysterious grade rare treasure and etc..)

I only remember that 11 item and its keep increasing but really because off too many rare item. Almost all learning skill non exist just like alchemy expert memory. The author will never explain how he learn it and why it can be succeeds to create a high grade good pill because its all on memory LOL.

Novel have good story and character interaction but not really that out of ordinary good story and THE Biggest flaw from the novel were too many dependency on lucky item which make the novel lost too many profound meaning on progression.

You can basically say that all extraordinary skill that the main character have was only from cheating item. Meanwhile the only good skill that the main character have on its own was unyielding personality and good strategy.

i honestly dont like the author make the main character dont have any weakness*, and alchemy expert memory is already a blast of s*upid idea that I have ever seen.... soon I believe there are memory of the refiner expert* maybe... well author style of OP character.

i prefer there are a story that the main character make an error of his judgment... and he is losing some of his cheat items.

The profound meaning what I mean was just like at i shall seal the heaven novel. That novel have good explanation on every single learning THINGS, like how to learning some skills, like how to cultivitate... the author from i shall seal the heaven novel explain it very good and its have good logic involved in it..