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4th Revised Edition of JAPANESE FOR BUSY PEOPLE, the most popular Japanese language textbook series in the world.

Since it was first published in 1984, the focus of theJapanese for Busy Peopleseries has always been to teach Japanese for effective communication.

As suggested in the title, this is a concise course for busy students who want to learn natural, spoken Japanese as efficiently as possible in a limited amount of time.

The newJapanese for Busy People: Revised 4th Editionis made up of three volumes: Book I, Book II, and Book III. Book I is available in both romanized andkanaversions, similar to the Revised 3rd Edition.

TheKana Versionis exactly the same as theRomanized Versionexcept for the scripts used throughout the book:hiraganaandkatakana.

TheKana Versionis therefore recommended for those who have already learnedkana(as these scripts are collectively called) or are learning them withJapanese for Busy People Kana Workbookor another such text. Studying Japanese inkana, rather than in romanized script, can lead to fluent pronunciation and facilitate a smooth transition to the study ofkanji.

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