Ye Chen was an honest and hardworking man, but he caught his girlfriend who was having an affair with a wealthy second generation, because of his sadness he decided to return to his hometown to calm down, while on his way he met a god cultivator and ended up being his student . After that his life began to change, on the right and left arms holding the Beautiful girl, from the start of the School flower, rich young women, beautiful teachers, beauty Ceo, famous beauty stars, beautiful goddesses. one by one the women came to him

Chapter 1743 one move defeat Gao Win

Chapter 1742 Expose all the evil that was done by the Elder Elf

Chapter 1741 Looks like our bait has been eaten really well

Chapter 1 - Break Up With Girlfriends

Chapter 3 - Select Cultivation Techniques

Chapter 4 - Inheritance From The God Of Sage

Chapter 6 - Preparing To Return To Planet Earth

Chapter 7 - Terrorist In The Forest

Chapter 8 - Battle With Mercenaries

Chapter 17 - Business Queen Liu Yue

Chapter 18 - Looking For Gold In A Rubbish Heap

Chapter 26 - Red Wolf Gang Is Making Trouble Again

Chapter 27 - Treat Teacher Lin Ruoxi

Chapter 28 - Teacher Lin Ruoxi Roommate

Chapter 32 - Darkness Is The Power Of The Taboo

Chapter 33 - DESOLATE PALMS Technique

Chapter 37 - Zhao Yanyan Was Kidnapped

Chapter 39 - Mysterious Female Police Officer

Chapter 41 - Zhao Yanyan Made A Decision

Chapter 48 - Reideran Pendant Necklace

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